Course in analysing tasks and creating work instructions

Course in Conducting a Task Analysis

The Course in Conducting a Task Analysis has been developed to provide practical knowledge analyse tasks and to develop a structure for improving an organisations workflow. Combined with a coaching program in the workplace it will help improve the effectiveness of the student's learning and the alignment of a safety culture.

This course is designed using micro lessons and supports the development of an Agile consultative approach to workplace safety. Only through knowledge and skills can workplaces grow safely.

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to education workers on how to create work instructions for new ways of working or to document how people actually work. The outcome of this course is to prevent injuries and to improve the way people work by creating and implementing a detailed documented process.


On completion of this course workers will able to participate in analysing tasks, working with managers and work mates to create new processes, undertaking risk assessments and developing and implementing safe work practices.  

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to analysing tasks

  2. Identifying the need to change a process

  3. Involving people who need to be involved

  4. Using documentation to gain support

  5. Understanding risk

  6. Developing a work instruction

  7. Gaining agreement

  8. Training people on the new process

  9. Monitoring and evaluating changes

  10. Creating a report

Duration: 10 hours

Delivery: Online

Cost: AUS $149.00