The Learning Lounge

Learning should be fun and engaging with relevance.

The Learning Lounge concept came about 20 years ago. Then it was a way of providing engaging learning in a non threatening environment. Taking that philosophy we have given it a modern twist.

The learning Lounge  are online courses based on the latest thinking in micro lesson design and learning flexibility.


Progress through at your own pace and complete the workplace activities with your supervisor or health and safety advisor.

Course in Managing Risks in the Workplace

Course in Conducting a Task Analysis

Course in Designing and Building Micro Lessons

Course in Developing Workplace Assessment Tools

Fire Hoses

On completion of this course you will able to participate in organisational risk assessments, conduct basic task based risk assessments and to develop control measures that ensure a safer workplace.

On completion of this course you will able to deconstruct a production process into component parts and develop a step by step analysis of the workflow. This will enable you to risk assess that workflow and develop more efficient production.

On completion of this course you will able to use a task analysis to design a series of micro lessons. If you have multimedia skills you will be able to build these micro lessons to create an effective online learning course.

On completion of this course you will able to design and build a series of assessment tools and authorisation checklists that are valid, reliable and fair.

AUS $249.00

AUS $249.00

AUS $249.00

AUS $249.00

 These courses provide practical knowledge and skills to enable your teams to design safe system of work and training courses, it will also provide the skills to guide your teams in the implement those systems in your workplace.

This training system has been created to help your business or organisation reach and maintain a quality certified level of operation. It does this by providing knowledge and skills on how to build a robust training process, which is a critical component of any quality system. This series of courses highlights a systematic approach to building effective training products that will comply with most quality management systems.

Learning is a journey it has a beginning but never really ends, each step in the journey will build your knowledge and skills to take the next step and so on. The steps shown during these courses are based on years of experience implementing quality training systems. They are designed as practical  "How to Guides" rather than a theoretical papers, in this way they provide a practical solution to real world problems.