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The Learning Lounge  is an online learning tool that utilises micros lesson to help build knowledge and skills in training system design. Each course has been designed to function as a stand alone course for plugging skill gaps or as a collective series to help improve you or your organisation's overall level of understanding of how to build a quality training system. 

 The above courses will guide you through the development of a site training system. They will teach you how to analyse your work tasks, risk assess the process, build affective work instructions for a quality system, design and build an online course and ensure you have a valid and reliable assessment process. 

This training system has been created to help your business or organisation reach and maintain a quality certified level of operation. It does this by providing knowledge and skills on how to build a robust training process, which is a critical component of any quality system. This series of courses highlights a systematic approach to building effective training products that will comply with most quality management systems.

Learning is a journey it has a beginning but never really ends, each step in the journey will build your knowledge and skills to take the next step and so on. The steps shown during these courses are based on years of experience implementing quality training systems. They are designed as practical  "How to Guides" rather than a theoretical papers, in this way they provide a practical solution to real world problems. 

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