Our Work Philosophy

Values and Principles govern how we work

We value the input of all personnel involved in the business. This ensures all thoughts and ideas are incorporated and nobody's contributions are ignored.

Our Agile approach is unique in the consulting world, and it enables us to build flexible, adaptive and efficient systems or work.



These values have been adapted from the Agile Manifesto and have been adapted to suit the learning and product design environment.

  1. Individual engagement and interaction over process and tools

  2. Working products over documentation

  3. Collaboration over negotiation

  4. Continuous change over following a plan


These principles have been adapted from the Agile Manifesto and have been adapted to suit the learning and product design environment.

  1. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority through continuous development and communication during product design, development, implementation and evaluation

  2. Harness changes to product or service requirements on a continuous basis to ensure the product and service meets customer expectations, needs and competitive advantages

  3. Deliver products and services frequently

  4. Involve business managers and staff in the development process regularly throughout the project

  5. Work with motivated people and give them the tools and environment they need to succeed

  6. Build personal relationships to convey information in the most effective and efficient way

  7. Product completions are the primary measure of progress

  8. Project development is maintained at a constant rate to ensure all development is sustainable

  9. Focus on technical excellence

  10. Maintain simplicity in design, development and implementation

  11. Design team members are encouraged to independently to allow individual responsibility

  12. Individuals and teams to reflect on products and processes regularly to fine tune and adjust relations ad behaviours