Training System Design Australia

Training System Design Australia is a consultancy that designs, develops, builds and evaluates training programs. We build training from the ground up to meet the production and/or quality system needs of the organisation. The type of services provided includes designing and implementing: 

  • Task analysis,

  • Training risk assessments,

  • Work instructions and procedures

  • Assessment tools

  • Design and development of micro lessons

  • Loading and testing courses on a Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Mentoring and coaching supervisors and workplace trainers

  • System evaluation


We use a Agile approach to instructional design that engages with your workforce in the design, development and implementation of the program. This gains buy in from all levels of the organisation and ensures a products that meets your unique needs.

While we can build any delivery model you want, we recommend a blended learning approach that incorporates online micro learning, coaching on the job and peer supported learning. Often the outcome of a training system is the change in employee and staff behaviour, we therefore recommend that the required behavioural change be incorporated into an organisation's performance and development system.


Microlearning is a modern approach to the design and development of online learning programs. This approach breaks down complex concepts into single bite sized objectives. This blends with the Agile approach used in modern instructional design for the workplace. 

Information changes, processes adapt and new ways of working must be adopted for any organisation in the modern competitive world. By creating micro lessons, single units in a training program can be changed without having to rebuild a whole program.


The use of video in learning design has grown exponentially over the past five years, this is mainly due to the search engines and video repositories like YouTube, and Vimeo. Video can be a highly effective method of communicating critical information and building knowledge within organisations.


When this communication tool is combined with solid educational design it provides a dynamic way of educating employees. Video is often used as a component of micro lesson design because it enables leaders in an organisation to connect with employees on a personal basis. 

The Learning Lounge

The Learning Lounge is an online learning space that provides courses on how to build a quality assured training system. A business or organisation is really a method of organising resources to achieve a particular result. This result could be research activities, the movement of coal or other products or the sale of merchandise. In most organisations there are processes, some documented others informal "the way we work around here".

To create a quality system these processes need to be aligned into an interconnected series of procedures, each procedure needs to be communicated to those people who have the responsibility to enact that part of the organisation and the organisation needs to know that these people have been appropriately trained to follow that system.

Formal courses on training and development rarely discuss how an organisation goes about developing its training system, they are usually more focused on the basics of training design and delivery. The courses in the Learning Lounge plug that gap. They are an invaluable resource for anybody working on continuous improvement of their human resource, safety or quality management system.

Click below for more details and a list of what is covered by each course:

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