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A training system provides a structure quality process for managing, designing and implemented organisational learning.

Training System Design

Training system Design Australia build and implement systems to manage training, including systems to roll out strategy or compliance requirements.


These systems include  online learning and the implementation of learning management systems.

Video Production

Video provides an opportunity to connect to learners in a way that surpasses any other educational media.

At Training System Design Australia we build video programs using the latest technology and educational design techniques.

Micro Learning Design

Learning Objects can be any piece of media that helps learners change their behaviour. A modern approach is to use micro lessons which are small succinct packets of learning that can be completed in a short periods of time.


They can be reviewed at the point of operation.

Learning Lounge

The Learning Lounge provides online learning support for organisations needing to up skill their trainers or learning and development professionals.

We have developed a range of online courses to help organisations manage their training systems.

Micro Learning

Micro Learning is a modern method for increasing learning retention. It require an instructional design that focuses on a single easily defined objective. It can incorporate video as a strong method of transmitting context and content but must also contain a method to engage the learner. 

What's next?

Call or email me to discuss how I can help you develop a modern online learning platform with dedicated, effective and efficient micro learning packages.