Training System Design Australia

Training System Design Australia in an Agile focused consultancy business that facilitates the design, development and implementation of safe systems of work and best practice learning and development programs.

Our approach utilises the SAM instructional design model of continuous development and improvement.

We recognise that change occurs at an exponential rate in the 21st Century. Traditional project models require extensive development time frames by which time much of the content is out of date. Agile approaches are continuous and responsive.

What do we do?

We design and implement training programs, build training systems and help create workflows that ensure a safe and efficient workplace. Our process of Agile product development will help your business improve its safety performance, increase compliance with legislation or company policies and implementing change management. Some of these products include:

  • Task Analysis

  • Work Instructions

  • Policy documents

  • Technical manuals

  • Training Needs Analysis

  • Instructional videos

  • Online learning packages

  • Blended Learning Campaigns

Safe Systems of Work

We design and implement safe systems of work and integrate safety with efficient production to establish work standards. The foundation of the design, development, implementation and evaluation of our safe systems of work is the risk assessment and task analysis process. Key features of our consultancy that differentiate use for others is the way we work based on Agile values and principles. This helps us build an understanding of your business through consultation. Our products and services include:


  • Conducting and documenting site or area safety audits

  • Conducting and documenting site risk registers and level three risk assessments

  • Reviewing current procedures and developing safe operating work instructions

  • Implementing new safe systems of work through training and performance management

Training System Design

We design training systems that incorporate the 70:20:10 approach to workplace learning. We utilise available resources and then build or adapt them into modern flexible learning program (s). We can design training and assessment packages from scratch that meet the needs of both your organisation and your employees needs. Products developed as part of our training system design include:

  • Conducting task analyse

  • Reviewing and risk assessing current practice

  • Develop assessment checklists

  • Developing training curriculum

  • Designing, developing and implementing training programs

We utilise the design and development of micro lessons using multimedia and online learning. The micro lesson format enables flexible Agile design within a modern learning environment.

Core Values


Our core values guide how we work and who we work with. If values between the consultant and the client vary and are unreconcilable then the project out comes can suffer. Our core values include:




We believe that innovation sits at the heart of all great break though in life. We will question all assumptions in the search for unique solutions to problems. We will look beyond our current mind set to find unique and challenging ideas.




We believe that only through collaboration can you get significant change and continuous improvement. We will engage the greatest possible collection of people to input into the process. We believe that solutions to complex problems sit within the business, through collaboration we can harness those solutions.




We believe that integrity is a key component of trust and that trust is an essential part of the process of building a lasting relationship. We believe in doing what is right and doing what we say we will do.



We don't work in unsafe environments and we incorporate safety into everything we do. One of our services is to help organisations become safer, this is both mission and a core product. We will ensure we have the most up to date knowledge of safety management and emerging safety issues.

Agile Design

Developing safe and efficient systems of work for the 21st Century

Agile design, development and implementation for the creation of safe systems of work is a unique and powerful concept in organisations. It is a method of working that enhances continuous improvement and collaborate development.

We utilise principles to manage projects in line with the four values and the 12 principles of Agile Project Development.

Our product design process incorporates the Successive Approximation Model (SAM).

Successive Approximation Model (SAM)


Who am I?

My name is Gary Wood, I am the creative director of Training System Design Australia.

I have worked across a number of industries from engineering, manufacturing and education. With over 30 years experience in Manufacturing, Training and Safety and with 10 years of that experience in senior management. I have a broad and strategic perspective on what organisations need in terms of developing safe production.



I have a Trade Certificate in Mechanical Engineering, Associate Diploma in Management, Bachelor and Masters degree in Training and Education and a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety. I have studied the design of Safety Management systems and Human Factors at the post graduate level. I am uniquely qualified to coach teams in the development of safe systems of work.


I take the view that safe production does not need to be slow production. Using the knowledge and skills of the workforce combined with extensive learning and safety experience I am able to create systems that are both efficient and safe.